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Do you wish to have your product widely recognized?

Thanks to advanced technology and access to modern machines, we are able to produce your display stands in every detail. Still don’t know what you need? No problem. We will prepare a stand which will present your product in the best of possible ways. Thanks to a special software, you will first receive a project/design of your product . At this point you can easily make any changes you want. All of these will help you to choose the best shape of your stand and to stick to the planned budget.

How does it work in reality? There are only a few steps to get your new exhibition stand:

Step 1 Contact us and show the product which should be exposed.
Step 2 We will create a project suitable to all your needs.
Step 3 Accept the project and sign an order or make necessary changes.
Step 4 After the project acceptance , we will prepare a sample so that you can test its functionality in a practical way.
Step 5 We will start the production of the display stand dedicated particularly to your product.

From the very beginning you are the most important to us!

For this reason you are included in our program of Customer Relationship Management which helps us to stay in touch and inform you about the progress of your order. Isn’t that easy?

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