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What does steel mean to us?

Since 2012, we have been helping our partners believe that steel can be beautiful. Continually delving into the specifics of steel, we have reached both ancient and contemporary philosophy, in which we discovered three important canons.

Harmony – in STALMIKA, we look for it not only in the right selection of materials, but also in planning, production, and logistics.

Other People – it’s the partner who determines the direction of the journey to which they invite us. Our role involves listening to their needs, and then designing accordingly. Thanks to this, the final straight yields a product tailored to our clients’ expectations.

Love – “Beauty is truly beautiful when it is combined with love”. That’s why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the foundation of STALMIKA. Through it, we express our love for the world and people, and our business is rooted in ethical foundations.


The world of values we adhere to constantly motivates us for continuous growth The company has grown from a one-person business operating out of a converted room into a fully-fledged office. After 10 years of existence, we now have an aesthetic and comfortable office space in Myślenice, as well as a new, automated production facility in Biertowice.

Over the course of a decade, STALMIKA has grown into a mature and modern manufacturer of metal products We automate processes and closely monitor the progress of your order, so that you can sleep peacefully while we deliver the product on time to almost any part of the world.


We have a state-of-the-art production facility, which includes, among others, a fully automatic laser for waste-free cutting and perforating of pipes and steel profiles, a numerical guillotine, a semi-automatic band saw and a pipe grinder, numerous drills, presses, and manual welders. We cooperate with renowned companies to provide our customers with paint coated, hot-dipped and electro-galvanised products.

Our production processes are planned according to the principles of LEAN Manufacturing. In addition, we are committed to constantly improving our manufacturing processes and minimizing our negative impact on the environment, which is confirmed by the ISO 14001:2015 certificate. Our planet is important to us, which is why we undertake all actions with its well-being in mind.


Our team consists of people with diverse character traits, specializations, and assigned tasks, but what unites us into a cohesive whole is a mission and goal rooted in the constant pursuit of reaching higher and becoming a role model for others in our honest and responsible approach to business partners and employees.

Teamwork is the foundation for us. Through teamwork, we gain mutual motivation and acquire new ideas and solutions, which ultimately allows us to bring to life the creative ideas of our clients within the realm of metal products.