Beautiful CSR

For several years, STALMIKA has been collaborating regularly with Sister Damiana, a compatriot and missionary in the Democratic Republic of Congo…

“Beauty is truly beautiful when it is combined with love”.

Do you know what brings us the greatest satisfaction? The awareness that the foundation on which we build STALMIKA consists of higher and universal values. These values drive our daily work and actions, which is why Corporate Social Responsibility projects are somewhat ingrained in the company’s DNA. In their rhythm, the heart of STALMIKA beats. Since the beginning of the company’s operation, we have supported projects for children and youth that strengthen their leadership qualities. We engage in charity concerts and support local seniors. We are present in Kambambe in the Congo, where we employ a doctor for several surrounding villages. In Peru, we organized meals for those in need, and we even managed to build the first house for a large family.

It is said that “good returns,” and we are convinced that “beauty returns” as well.