Smyk Fest Festival

Why do we support this project?

It is a wonderful event that combines the world of music and assistance!

Smyk Fest is the most beautiful festival in Poland, which has been taking place since 2019.

The festival has been organized from the beginning by the “Akuratna” Foundation and aims to raise funds for the beneficiaries of the foundation, namely children and youth from the Małopolskie Voivodeship who are dealing with rare diseases. Each year, in addition to the wonderful concerts, the festivals offer participants the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion focusing on disease prevention, ecology, and health. The organizers provide participants with the opportunity to take part in blood donation drives, register with DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Center), and undergo cervical and mammographic screenings. The company provides financial support for organizing the event, and employees willingly participate in the event in their free time.

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