Missions in Peru

Why do we support this project?

Because it provides hope for a better tomorrow.

It is a project that our company has been involved in for several years through our friend, lay missionary Anna Katarzyna Jawor. In 2020, the missionary returned to Poland after 10 years of mission work and continues to work remotely, collaborating with the local religious community and laypeople who work with the poorest residents of Lima.

Anna Katarzyna carried out her mission in the poorest neighborhoods of Lima, such as Pachacutec, engaging in evangelization, charitable work, and education based on the specific needs of the local communities. The initial years of the mission focused on evangelization and working in the slums, providing emotional and spiritual support, giving encouragement and hope, and providing medical assistance and medications. Subsequently, the missionary worked at the Retreat House of the Holy Family in Lurin, where she conducted retreats for youth and adults. During her work, she coordinated the creation of books and religious materials. Later, she was involved in the “Sembrando Esperanza” project, which aimed to provide a home for people suffering from tuberculosis. During that time, the missionary provided food, hygiene supplies, and medical supplies to the center, which housed nearly 130 residents. In 2018, she also took up duties at the Lurin Children’s Home, which provides care for orphaned children and adolescents, as well as children from large families who, without the help of the center, would often be at risk of living on the streets.

Currently, while the missionary is in Poland, her involvement primarily focuses on fundraising for specific Peruvian families or centers where she previously worked. When the missionary returned to Poland during the epidemic, she initiated a fundraising campaign and an auction group called “Help for Peru” to raise funds for organizing food packages. STALMIKA provided financial, organizational, and advisory support to Anna Katarzyna’s lay missionary work. With the funds provided for the mission, it was possible to purchase several hundred kilograms of food for the residents of “Sembrando Esperanza,” financially support the daily operations of the Children’s Home, prepare Christmas packages for residents of the poorest neighborhoods, and recently, even build a house for the large family of Mr. Prospero.

Press materials: Anna Katarzyna Jawor